Chemo-Enzymatic Processes

The overarching goal of our research is SUSTAINABILITY and we want to demonstrate that enzyme based catalysis can be integrated with more traditional synthetic methodologies. Exceptional progress has been madero date, and we are determined to add our contribution.

Flow-chemistry, with its ability of compartmentalising reactions in separate reactors, offers an exceptional tool to advance in this filed. We are working on a range of new cascades to combine enzymatic biotransformaitons with synthetic steps. The compatibility of the reaction environments is important but no longer a must.  The versatility of our modular systems allows for each individual reaction step to be optimised and integrated in a cascade. 


Enzyme Toolbox

We have introduced many enzymes in our toolbox over the years (and we always look for more!) to make our chemistry more and more versatile.

Flow Biocatalysis

We combine different enzymes, those that offer optimal characteristics for our chemistry, in continuous artificial biocatalytic pathways.

Enzyme Immobilization

Enzyme stability can be greatly enhanced if the biocatalyst is anchored to a support. We develop novel strategies for enzyme immobilization.