Post Doctoral Fellow

Dr. David Roura Padrosa

From Girona, Spain

Dr. Gordon Honeyman

From Glasgow, Scotland

Dr. Ana I. Benitez-Mateos

From Cadiz, Spain

Dr. Emmanouil Broumidis

From Athens, Greece

Dr. David Lim

From Christchurch, New Zealand

PhD and Master Students

Stefania Gianolio

From Bergamo, Italy

Pablo Díaz-Kruik

From Madrid, Spain

Keir Penston

From Maidenhead, England

Lucia Robustini

From Ferrara, Italy

Lauriane Pillet

From Wallis, Switzerland

Beatrice Rassati

From Italy
Beatrice's Story

Laura Monte

From Bellinzona, Switzerland

Nik Lüpold

From Solothurn, Switzerland

Sofia Hutter

From Bern, Switzerland

Sabrina de Lorenzo Cardinal

From Bern, Switzerland

Kaja Stalder

From Langenthal, Switzerland

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Ana I. Benítez Mateos

About me

After my MSc in Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology in the University of Seville, I moved to the Basque Country to do the PhD in Synthetic Biology and Industrial Chemistry. Since I am keen on biocatalysis, I joined Paradisi group to continue learning about green biochemistry. Apart from science, I am a chocolate lover and I enjoy travelling and hiking.

Research Area

Pipecolic acid is a key pharmaceutical intermediate and more efficient strategies for its production are desirable. In my current research project, we develop a self-sufficient biocatalyst which is integrated in a flow reactor to perform a completely sustainable synthetic process.

Mail: [email protected]