The inSEIT adventure

Over the last year, we have been working on a new adventure…

We realised that the majority of our industrial projects are based on developing efficient immobilisation protocols for specific enzymes which may then be used in continuous.

We have more than 10 years experience with different immobilisation strategies on a range of different supports, and recently we started developing computational tools to make the process less trial-and-error and more efficient (see CapiPy paper and news article).

Together with David, we started discussing the possibility of founding a spin-off company  which could provide a useful service for industries as well as helping academics groups who are interested in such technology.

David has taken the lead on this and acquired entrepreneurial skills through several courses and workshops and he has now secured the first investment through VentureKick and this fantastic project will soon be a reality!

The company is called inSEIT: Integral Service for Enzyme Immobilization Technologies and we look forward to see it growing. Check it out and spread the news!

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