During the #Covid19 Quarantine

The research during the quarantine, which at the time of this post is still ongoing in the UK, has suffered quite a set back for what concerns experiments in the lab. 

The group has used this time to focus on finishing papers for which we had sufficient data accumulated, and drafting others to have them in good shape by the time we could be back in the labs. Lidia, Nourah and Chris have also started working on their theses, this works needs to be done anyway so this is a good time to put to good use.

These weeks have also given us time to reflect to what we have done and look at were the research is going, everyone have worked extremely hard to keep active and engaged, and I am sure it will pay off. Working from home with children is by no means an easy tasks, days go by with the feeling that not much has been achieved at all, zoom and Skype calls take twice as long!

In April we have welcomed our new PhD student Lucia (check out her profile), not the best time to joined the group but she joined the Zoom Coffee mornings and got to know everyone quite well.

We are now back in the lab in Bern, the group is working in two shifts, it feels good to see other people even though at a distance and wearing a mask. 

Amazingly, during this time, our two final labs have been renovated and soon we’ll be able to occupy them. Full splash of pics coming soon!

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