MetRaZyme Doctoral Network is live!

The EU Doctoral Network coordinated by Prof. Nico Bruns in Darmstad has kicked off! 

Metal-containing radical enzymes creates a PhD school across leading European universities that trains the next generation of scientists capable of tackling the design, development and implementation of novel enzymatic reactions in a holistic approach. It brings together computational bioscientists, bioinorganic and polymer chemists, and bioprocess engineers. Using artificial and repurposed metalloenzymes as the focal point, the doctoral candidates (DCs) develop novel biocatalysts for radical reactions of high synthetic value, such as the late stage modification of pharmaceutical intermediates or the synthesis of polymers from renewable monomers. To train the DCs in the needs of industrial biotechnology, the consortium includes eight of Europe´s leading pharmaceutical, chemical and enzymology companies. The DCs benefit from a vast transferable skills training program delivered by five training partners.

Check out here the webpage and we are also looking to hire a PhD starting in April 2023 (Ad attached below)



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