Angewandte Chemie (2024): “Engineering a Dual-Functionalized PolyHIPE Resin for Photobiocatalytic Flow Chemistry”

The use of a dual resin for photobiocatalysis, encompassing both a photocatalyst and an immobilized enzyme, brings several challenges including effective immobilization, maintaining photocatalyst and enzyme activity and ensuring sufficient light penetration. However, the benefits such as integrated processes, reusability, easier product separation, and potential for scalability can outweigh these challenges, making dual resin systems promising for efficient and sustainable photobiocatalytic applications. In this work we employ a photosensitizer-containing porous emulsion-templated polymer as a functional support that is used to covalently anchor a chloroperoxidase from Curvularia inaequalis (CiVCPO). We demonstrate the versatility of this heterogeneous photobiocatalytic material which enables the bromination of four aromatic substrates, including Rutin – a natural occurring flavonol – under blue light (456 nm) irradiation and continuous flow conditions.

Congratulation to Manos for this impressive work!

Read the full paper here

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