ChemBioChem (2023): “Bioinformatic analysis of immobilized enzymes: towards a better understanding of the guiding forces”

David applied CapiPy to a set of enzymes to validate its applicability. 

Abstract: Protein bioinformatics has been applied to a myriad of opportunities in biocatalysis, from enzyme engineering to enzyme discovery, but its application in enzyme immobilization is still very limited. Enzyme immobilization brings clear advantages form the sustainability and cost-efficiency terms but is nowadays still limited in its implementation. This, because it is a technique that remains tied to a quasi-blind protocol of trial and error, and therefore, is regarded as a time intensive and costly approach. Here, we present the use of a set of bioinformatic tools to rationalize results of protein immobilization that have been previously described. The study of this proteins through these new tools, allows the discovery of key driving forces in the process of immobilization that explain the obtained results, moving us a step forward to the final goal: predictive enzyme immobilization protocols.

Read the full paper here

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