European Journal of Organic Chemistry (2023): “Investigations into the Aqueous Synthesis of Selenoglycoconjugates”

Great achievement for Davey who is also co-corresponding author in this paper!


Glycosylation of bioactive molecules has been found to improve the pharmacokinetic properties of the parent molecule. However, their syntheses often require tedious protecting group manipulations. The development of methodologies which allow direct aqueous conversion of unprotected sugars into glycosides is therefore an ambitious goal. Herein, we present a broadly applicable method for the synthesis of selenoglycosides in water. We show the ease of direct conjugation of unprotected glycosyl diselenides with various biomolecules, including resorcinol, resveratrol, and the antitumor agent, gimeracil, furnishing the corresponding selenoglycoconjugates in up to 96% yield. We also demonstrate the oxidatively-triggered release of the bioactive drug from the sugar, priming these molecules for medicinal applications. The generality and broad substrate scope of this novel transformation will provide access to various selenium-containing glycomimetics and glycoconjugates.
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