Goodbye Jenni!

All good things must come to an end at some point and Jenni’s time in the Paradisi’s group has sadly finished! Jenni will join Science Foundation Ireland to take up the position of Education and Public Engagement Fellow. Jennifer joined the group in September 2011 to start her PhD on an SFI funded project focussing on extremophilic enzymes and their applications in biocatalysis. Her dedication to the project yielded excellent results and allowed for the completion of outstanding work which resulted in several publications. After her PhD she remained in the group as post doctoral researcher where she explored new areas of research linked to extremophilic enzymes such as their behaviour in ionic liquids. When the group moved to Nottingham she joined us here for 3 months and was tremendous help in setting up the new lab. She went back to Dublin and worked closely with Larah in UCD. We will miss you terribly but also we are so proud of you for all you have achieved and for your fantastic new job!

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