Presenting our research (Jan-Mar 2020)

A few great meetings have already taken place this year and we have presented our progress through invited talks and posters. The 2nd Anglo Swiss Conference in Basel was a great way to network for the group and get to know researchers from the other Swiss universities. We presented posters and chatted about our science. AmineBiocat4.0 took place in Stuttgart and Chris brought his poster on the identification of a novel and very useful R-transaminase while Fran gave a talk on the use of enzymes for the synthesis of amines and amides in flow. Flow Chemistry Europe 2020 followed shortly after, Fran gave a talk on the progress made in the lab since last year presenting the work of Martina, Maria, David, Anabel and Stefania.  In the midst of this coronavirus outbreak we try to limit travelling, let’s hope this is over soon!

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