We are moving to the University of Bern in 2019!

So we have some news…the group will move to the University of Bern during the Summer, I am delighted to have been given this opportunity, I will take up the position of Professor of Pharmaceutical and Bioorganic  Chemistry to help developing a degree in Pharmacy. Our research will continue of course, sustainability is a top priority for the University and we fit right in. There will certainly be opportunities to join the group as we expand and set up new research labs. It will be exciting to establish new collaborations within the department and across the faculty. We are looking at new research lines to be developed as well as strengthening our core theme on flow biocatalysis. Several team members will follow me to Bern and some will continue in Nottingham where I will remain affiliated at least till the current grants are running. Nottingham has been an amazing environment to grow my research and I have no doubt that I will be visiting often! Stay tuned and thank you for following.

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