David and Ana’s paper makes the 2020 HOT Green Chemistry articles list

The work just published in Green Chemistry co-authored by Ana and David has been selected as a 2020 HOT Green Chemistry article. It is gold open access, can be freely accessed here. It is great to see the drive of the group in doing cutting edge research with dedication and true passion. Very well done! […]

Green Chemistry (2019): “Flow-based enzymatic synthesis of melatonin and other high value tryptamine derivatives: a five-minute intensified process”

To increase the uptake of biocatalytic processes by industry, it is essential to demonstrate the reliability of enzyme-based methodologies directly applied to the production of high value products. Here, an ultra-efficient, and sustainable enzymatic platform for the multi-gram synthesis of melatonin (and analogues) was developed. The fully-automated process integrates biocatalysis and flow chemistry, maximizes the […]