ChemCatChem (2020): “Looking back: A short history of the discovery of enzymes and how they became powerful chemical tools”

Chris during the lockdown made the most of hist time by writing chapters of his thesis. When he sent me the introduction I was so very impressed by his story-telling ability and unique take on how to craft such chapter. I had no doubt we had to try and publish it. I am ever so pleased that ChemCatChem accepted with great enthusiasm this review, I will have it as a fundamental paper to read for new members in my group. Chris has managed to condense in less than 30 pages (with figures!) 200 years of the history of enzymes. An amazing read. Find the review here. I want to dedicate this review to Prof. Paul Engel, my mentor during my post doc and the person to whom I owe my appreciation for enzymes and their power.

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