Chemistry: a European Journal (2020): “Carbene-induced rescue of catalytic activity in deactivated Nitrite Reductase mutant”

Finally we have succeeded in getting this final work of Matteo over the line! This is the second one in the series of the carbene role in binding copper in protein clefts. Here we have shown how a catalytically active enzyme NiR can be partially rescued by replacing a coordinating histidine with the carbene exogenous ligand. In fact, this ligands gives a better result than imidazole.

Interdisciplinary research is fabulous but also extremely challenging and collaborations are key in delivering high impact research.
This research was done in collaboration with Prof. Martin Albrecht here in Bern, Prof. John McMaster in Nottingham and Christine Schulz at the Max-Planck Insititute.

Thank you to all involved!
The paper can be found here

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